Resume/CV Sourcing

We take the job orders from our clients and deliver them the most appropriate resume within a short period of time. We source active and potential candidates using Boolean search on multiple job boards. We are capable of selecting a right fit as per the job specification & a candidate that will meet your job requirements (skills, nationality, current location, level of experience, industry etc...). We recognize “active candidates” from job boards and our internal candidate database and furnish you with their credentials. We “Separate the Sheep’s from the Goats” and give you with best candidates for the Job. We source through thousands of resumes from online job boards to find the candidate right for you.By using our resume sourcing services, the result will be obvious.Get sourced, screened & qualified experts for your jobs now!

Data Entry

Whether you have ten records or a few million records, put your data entry project in correct hands, partner with us and be assured about accuracy, quality and pricing. Your data will be kept secure & confidential. All the data we receive from our clients is treated as confidential and no unauthorized persons can access it. Our services are very reliable & you will get your data in time. We provide the most reliable data entry services to clients globally. We have a complete understanding of excel tricks & we deliver it in time. We not only provide affordable data entry services but also ensure that our clients are always satisfied with output. Our accuracy levels are up to 99.9%

Resume/CV Formatting

What we do?

We arrange the CV or Resume in the client’s desired format.

What we want from you?

You need to send us the CV/resume along with the desired format. We will align the content in appropriate manner & present you with the concise resume within the given time frame.

Business Development

Nothing interests a CEO more than increasing revenue. Winning clients is very much dependent on a solid reputation of making quality placement. We connect you with the open jobs in your industry

Job Posting

Need to post your active jobs on multiple Job Boards? Leave this to us & save your valuable time. We will post all your jobs on multiple job boards to attract potential & active candidates for your roles.